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Why & How we operate in East Africa

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Some countries in East Africa are facing significant challenges in terms of access to energy in a cost, form and quantity that can have an impact in economic development of the region.

Fortunately, there is an impressive assortment of renewable energy resources in East Africa including solar, wind, hydro and biomass potential widely distributed throughout the region.

These resources, if utilized prudently in concert with one another could greatly expand access to modern energy services in the region, particularly in rural areas.

The baseline trend is that the supply of power in many of remote areas is predominately serviced by diesel generators, facing high imported diesel fuel costs with consequent environmental impact. Access to modern fuels for electricity in these regions is very low since there are no decentralized energy systems in place.

At Klean NRG, we have identified rural electrification using alternative and renewable energy as one of the solutions to face the lack of electricity in those regions. Our aim is to develop and implement some micro-grid power plants able to provide electricity to a group of homeowners and businesses in remote areas, using the combination of renewable energy resources available on site.

We intend to:

  1. promote the use of these abundant renewable energy resources and promote their linked productive use activities;

  2. demonstrate the technical and financial viability of renewable energy based on mini/micro-grids under investment business models;

  3. increase the power supply and the reliable energy services in the rural areas that promote income generation activities and reduce poverty.

There is so much to be done, and that work is critical to the sustained development of Eastern Africa. We need to have all hands on deck. This goes beyond Klean Nrg, beyond our competitors - it has become a global priority, and we are just proud to be part of the solution.

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