Making an impact, together

We could never do this alone. Our relationship with our partners is what also defines us as we work together to deliver the best solutions and solve the challenges of energy access in Africa.

Energy-Station-Premium_web Off Grid Sun.
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Based in Italy, OffgridSun has been delivering off-grid solutions globally for the past 20 years. 

Their energy station is renowned for its high quality and durability providing home lighting & phone charging for off-grid households

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For now 11 years, Asantys has been delivering quality solar mini and microgrids. Out of Germany, they provide top quality island networks integrating existing technical rooms and individually planned energy container solutions.

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From Spain, but with a footprint in the Americas and in multiple countries in Europe, Norvento has an accumulated 40 years of experience within the renewable energy sector. We collaborate with them using their Power Conversion systems for energy storage applications. 

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It's great to be partnering with such a promising start-up as Grino. Founded in 2017 and already a Top 10 Start-ups in Northern Germany. what drives them is to solve the problem of water scarcity in the world using solar PV.