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Solar Home Systems

We have a wide range of Solar Home Systems products that lighten up those long evening. Our products illuminate up to 9m2 per bulb, offer torch and radio functionalities as well of course  charging capabilities for your phones. 

The quality of the solutions won't let you down as we want to ensure that our solar products generate high value for decades to come.

We work with villages, small households, schools and small business to make sure you keep the lights on.




We are able to develop and implement mini-grid projects in remote areas or where the electrical power is suffering from interruptions,

Klean NRG Ltd delivers the electricity needed from 1KW up to 900 KW using solar PV with storage or mini-hydro.

We also provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for schools, hospitals, small businesses in rural and remote areas.

Project Management

Klean NRG intervenes in turnkey construction of solar photovoltaic (PV) plants on a commercial and Industrial level. We cover the entire value chain, ranging from project development, construction, financing to operations and maintenance of power plants with or without storage.

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