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Our team is here to make it all happen. We work tiredlessly with our partners and clients to deliver on time and on budget. 

What drives us is our passion for people and renewables and our deep belief that connecting the two is the only way forward. 

Made-up of amazing field agents, engineers and business development professionals we carry with us our core values of integrity, humility and dedication wherever we go. 



Charles Ngomirakiza

CEO Co-Founder

Born and raised in Burundi, Charles has spent the greater part of his adulthood in Italy. A lover of pasta, Charles is also passionate about renewable energy. He has worked in the field for the past 2 decades, developing projects throughout eastern Africa. Now based in Rwanda, he co-founded Klean NRG in 2020 with the goal of making renewables accesible to all those living off-grid in remote areas.


Albert Murangwa

CTO Co-Founder

Albert carries the colors of Rwanda with pride. Spend a day with this local kid and you'll also fall in love with Rwanda. An electrical engineer by trade, Albert is an expert in Offgrid electricity generation. After more than six years as Managing Director with Primedia Services; in 2020, he quit his job to follow his dream in Klean NRG.

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