What drives us?

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Our team regroups at least twice a week, currently more through Zoom that in physical meetings. Every Monday morning we define our roadmap for the week and we review it every Thursday afternoon. Zero energy is wasted on explaining or justifying why we do what we do. We know we are in the right place, at the right time and that the problem we are trying to solve is bigger than our daily challenges.

It's the right time and place because, from off-grid solar home systems to utility-scale solar and wind, the potential for major advances in the use of renewable energy is growing rapidly on the African continent.


It's bigger than us because we know that adoption of these technologies in Africa can reduce significantly the ongoing damage to the health of our fellow citizens, whether from kerosene lamps in rural areas or gasoline generators to backup unreliable power grids.

Moreover, driven by technological innovation, steadily falling costs, there is more and more evidence that renewable options are not only better for the climate and for health, but also the least expensive path.

And lastly, East African countries have pioneered off-grid solar, laying out a model that other African countries are gradually following. While rural areas are still the primary markets for solar home systems, power grids in most African countries are so prone to power outages that many homes and businesses on the grid must rely on gasoline or diesel generators for backup. Solar systems can already begin to replace smaller generators, and further technological progress could make even larger systems cost-effective.

So at the end of the week, as we reflect and prepare for the next one, the energy is where it should be: solving the problem; not questioning if it is really important or if we will have an impact.

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