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Off-Grid energy has an impact, but more needs to be done, and quickly.

Investing in renewable energy solutions is critical to addressing the global climate emergency, of which the world’s 47 Least Developed Countries, suffer the gravest consequences. In the "developed world" solar energy is mainly associated with less carbon emissions, which of course is crucial for the planet now and in the longer term. But for the least developed countries, it also is the key to multiple short terms benefits. In 2019, GOGLA reported that off-grid solar had generated $4.9 billion worth of additional income and that 95% of customers in East Africa reported improved health conditions. Additional data has shown similar impact in education, gender equality, job creation and the list goes on.

Undeniably, globally, great progress has been made toward achieving “sustainable energy for all” by 2030. However, major disparities in access remain, and we must address these inequalities urgently. Current forecasts suggest that without action, by 2030, 650 million people will still be excluded from access to electricity and the benefits it brings.

At Klean NRG, the team works around the clock to address the gap... one smile at a time. Working with our partner Off Grid Sun, we recently installed Solar Home Systems in the Eastern District of Ngoma in Rwanda. A quick visit to one of our customer justified the long hours and work put in. As Mrs Patience explains: "Now my two children can study in the evening and my husband and I can recharge our phones at our home.

No more candles or kerosene to be purchased every day"

After the visit it was clear, nothing was going to take away her smile. And we have the sun to thank for that.

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