Africa's ongoing dependency on Kerosene and why it has to change!

For many of us growing-up in African countries; and especially for our parents and grand-parents, access to electricity has been a struggle. Back in the 20th century (Only 21 years away), even our beloved Kigali lacked access to electricity... those days where nights were scary for children to play outside because of thick darkness. And yet, the problem still exists primarily in Rwanda's rural areas and across sub-Saharan Africa. We are now in the 21st century, and still many fellow Rwandans and Africans struggle to access electricity.

Unfortunately, until recently the only solution was in reality another problem: Kerosene. A staggering eighty-six percent of households in Africa reported using Kerosene; mainly for lighting. Other sources of energy used are just as bad: charcoal, candles, and dung were used by 22%, 21%, and 4% of households respectively. In addition to being dangerous to use, these finite resources also continue to be a threat to our planet due to their negative contribution to climate change.

Kerosene also brings the harsh reality of unstable and high costs. "Oil prices have fluctuated dramatically with a generally upward trend” highlights one Gogla Report and kerosene prices track world oil prices, leading those who rely on Kerosene to volatile and increasing costs. Even more worrisome for those in rural areas (those most affected by low electrification), a recent study done in 4 African countries: Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, and Mali shows that: the median price per liter of Kerosene sold in small quantities in the rural villages was 35% higher than the median price recorded in the urban centers, $US 1.30 versus $US 0.96, respectively. Finally, discrepancies also exist per pan-african region whereby kerosene is more readily available in the East African countries than in West Africa.

In Africa, access to the sun eliminates such discrepancies, the cost of solar is in a downward trend and solar is safe and clean. At Klean-Nrg our goal is to drive our customers to avoid Kerosene and transition to solar power as their source of energy. In addition to lighting, our products provide torch and radio functionalities as well as charging capabilities for your phones.

Kerosene is our common enemy; we want to make it irrelevant and undesirable, for the good of our customers, and of our beautiful planet.

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